Family DNS

Protect your hotspot guests and families across all devices!

Protect your hotspot guests and families across all devices! Make your guests browse the Internet safely without inappropriate content.
Wi5Stars will block websites that contain contents you’ve flagged in the settings.

35 blacklists of domains that are updated every day while you sleep. Besides, you can edit add-on domains, customising the list.
This feature is available at the system, gateway level and at individual users (PPPoE-only).

In the MikroTik-type gateways, we use a procedure that forces to covey all DNS queries to the Family DNS, even on highly reliable systems, regardless of the DNS configured on the users’ devices.

Now you are able to choose what websites aren’t available to your users, and you can decide to censure certain websites or leave the Internet completely open.

Wi5Stars with Family DNS on board

Whether you are working with cruises, cargo ships or oil rigs that often have to deal with high latency and slow connection, Family DNS will play a crucial job. It significantly reduces the response time thank to the content it stores locally.

Reduce distractions in offices and schools

There are a lot of distractions in modern offices, costing valuable working hours every day.
Businesses should consider blocking the not-suitable-for-work websites on their employees’ work devices, such as online shopping, gaming, gambling, dating, sports and streaming websites, etc.
In addition to increasing productivity or protecting students from inapproriate content, restricting users’ internet access can protect users from dangerous websites that may contain malware, phishing, warez, cryptojacking, DDoS, dialer, etc

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