Scopri come far crescere la tua attività grazie alla potente tecnologia di Wi5Stars

How Businesses Can Benefit from Guest WiFi Marketing: Wi5Stars is your Winning Move

22 Marzo 2022

We spent 100% of our time connected to an internet source. So it’s not a case that one of the […]

POPIA Act: Conditions And Consequences

25 Gennaio 2022

Similar to GDPR, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA or POPI Act) took effect in South Africa on July […]

How to know if a Guest WiFi Platform has the X Factor

11 Ottobre 2021

Nowadays, the demand for WiFi guests is getting higher, allowing companies to attract and engage guests by offering them the […]

Effective Surveys Begin with Best Practices

2 Agosto 2021

Businesses create surveys for a variety of reasons. Whether you are testing your customer satisfaction or launching a new product, […]

CCPA, the new law about California privacy policy

10 Giugno 2021

Now more than ever, data and privacy protection play a fundamental role in running a business both ethically and correctly. […]

How to mitigate impact of WiFi MAC randomization

20 Maggio 2021

For several time now, iOS and Android have supported MAC randomization, which is a way to change dynamically the MAC […]

How to manage WiFi Guests and capture an audience

14 Aprile 2021

At the beginning of 2021, after almost a year of lockdowns and forced shutdowns, finally light is at the end […]

The new norm of public connectivity in healthcare

23 Febbraio 2021

The healthcare market is in the middle of a fast digital transformation process. Considering the challenges of the COVID-19 world […]

GDPR and the Shift in Privacy Practises: the Relevance of being Compliant

15 Giugno 2018

From 1950, when the European Convention on Human Rights was declared, to the present, a huge progress has been observed […]

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