How Businesses Can Benefit from Guest WiFi Marketing: Wi5Stars is your Winning Move

We spent 100% of our time connected to an internet source. So it’s not a case that one of the first things we look at before booking a hotel is the free WiFi internet connection.

And how did the venues behave in order to increase bookings? First, of course, they have adapted to offer free WiFi. But hold on…

…We are revealing you a secret: NOT ALL WIFI IS THE SAME!

Have you ever thought about how a hotspot service, combined with a strategic marketing campaign, can affect every venue?

Why launch an advertising campaign for your guests with Wi5Stars?

Wi5Stars is the cloud and white label platform geared towards WiFi marketing analysis and monetization. If you are offering, or intend to offer, free WiFi to your guests, the Wi5Stars platform can become your best ally.

If you use Wi5Stars to offer WiFi hotspots to guests, you are using a powerful tool capable of turning those guests into loyal customers.


Wi5Stars Ads are constantly monitorable and can be improved according to your needs. The system is flexible and dynamic.
The intuitive dashboard of Wi5Stars provides all the data you need. You can constantly access the numbers you are reaching: how many users viewed the banner? How many clicks on it? If you see that thousands of users see your ads, but those who enter the site can be counted on the fingers of one hand, perhaps there’s something to fix. At this point, you can easily modify the ad text and graphics – if it is a banner – and the target audience. Thanks to the fact that the realization of an ad is fast and can be monitored at all times, you are always sure to have a complete overview of the progress of your advertising campaigns.


Advertising with Wi5Stars allows you to segment the audience. Asking guests for their information during the authentication can become a winning move for your business because it will enable you to segment your audience. For example, many companies do not have a single reference product and have multiple market targets. Take the example of a clothing store: it will have a section dedicated to women, one for men, one for children and one for teenagers. It would be utopian to think they could reach this vast target with a single announcement.

It is in this context that audience segmentation takes on a particular value. Our intuitive dashboard provides all the data you need to know about your customer in order to give them the best possible user experience and promote journeys that are most conducive to business success.
The advantage is easy to understand: thanks to the possibility of presenting relevant content according to your target, you can reach the user’s actual needs. In this way, a particular “empathy” is created between the parties, and we can present to them the solution we have thought of for them and no one else. All this will lead to increased conversion and sales possibilities.


Wi5Stars advertising increases traffic to your website and increases your brand credibility and brand awareness. In addition, the ads that appear during the authentication process will help you bring visitors to your website and socials, making them know your company and channelling them into a sales process. This is essential if you are trying to increase the conversion rate. Therefore, we are trying to increase the number of visits to the site to increase the number of conversions from visitors to potential customers. In that case, online advertising can be an excellent tool for achieving this goal.

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To sum up


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