The new norm of public connectivity in healthcare

The healthcare market is in the middle of a fast digital transformation process. Considering the challenges of the COVID-19 world emergency and the growth of IoT adoption, the industry is pushing digital healthcare growth to new heights.

The WiFi technology continues to improve and the healthcare industry needs to find new and more creative ways to harness technology to revolutionize patient care and streamline healthcare management.

According to Gartner (2020), 79% of healthcare providers are already successfully employing IoT solutions. However, this is just the beginning. While before COVID-19, the growth of digital health adoption had stalled, the market is picking up speed again. Indeed, 2020 was a record year for investments in healthcare companies and the market expects rising investments in health-tech for the next years.

So, let’s now imagine a hospital in which wireless technology enables visitors, healthcare professionals and patients to access a WiFi system anywhere throughout the facility, while providing a continuous, accurate and engaging user experience, who can they rely on?

This is where HSNM Hotspot Manager comes into play!

HSNM is the advanced and professional cloud platform to provide a smart WiFi hotspot system for hospitals and other facilities dealing with tens of thousands of connected devices.

But what does the latest generation of WiFi can offer for healthcare facilities? Let’s go through 5 examples on how HSNM can improve the accessibility of healthcare.

1- What “Connected Hospitals” can offer to the hospital administrators

With the right platform, hospitals can create a customized WiFi experience for each type of user: medical staff, non-medical staff, patients and visitors, each with their own access and specific landing pages, rights, security, bandwidth consumption. Such tiered access can help hospitals increase staff productivity, generate new revenues streams and improve their overall patient and visitor experience.

2- Promote healthcare services

Create advertising messages and videos to send personalized messages to patients and staff.

Trigger message and video based on specific age and demographics to promote healthcare services and health check-up package offers or a particular prevention course.

Also, you can use your welcome page to advertise healthcare conferences or initiatives to be held at the hospital, or you can add an external link about important health-related conferences in the area.

3- WiFi and connected devices can improve patient satisfaction

HSNM may be used to push surveys, quiz and tests on the fly and get feedbacks in real-time.

Survey patients and visitors to improve their experience during their stay and the healthcare institute’s overall functioning and.

Listen to what people really want and need. The actionable data and results obtained by these surveys become insights on which act upon to continually improve services and the healthcare organization’s visibility.

Abandon the paper-based processes and offer a more automated, accessible and intuitive solution.

4- Boost revenues with ease

Patients and their families are willing to pay for reliable WiFi so that they can stay connected to the outside world. They can connect with friends and family through social media and access entertainment just as they would at home.

Even though a hospital room may have a television, the average patient has become accustomed to seamless internet access on their portable devices.

When hospitals provide this level of access, they can potentially generate new revenue streams by offering different tiers of speed and charge for high-speed access, improving, at the same time, the overall patient experience.

5- Digital mapping improves efficiency, optimizes the experience

HSNM allow you to insert digital maps and route planning for large and/or complex venues.

It allows visitors to navigate across venues on external maps or interior buildings with turn-by-turn directions and highlighted pathways.

Wayfinding technology uses WiFi signals to help patients and visitors navigate hospital campuses.

Many hospitals have buildings spread out across vast campuses. Once patients and visitors have found parking, they must then locate the correct building. Then, they must find the right floor, office number, room number or desk to make their appointment or visit someone.

Deliver exceptional hospitality experience, create familiarity with amenities and points of interest.

Make it easy for guests and personnel to navigate across properties with turn-by-turn directions on a digital map. Guiding patients and visitors can also represent a considerable unproductive use of staff time.

With HSNM, the hospital network admins will have the possibility to provide smart, fast and easy internet access for patients, visitors and the staff in most hospital areas, from patient rooms to waiting areas for guests. Make it simple and cost-effective to install, maintain and upgrade their WiFi infrastructure.

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