Custom splash pages

Welcome Portal

Customize every aspect of your guest WiFi, offer a warm custom on-site experience. Provide a fast and easy login. Involve your public through a new world of opportunities: Videos, Images, Promotions, Events, Applications. Send a warm welcome email or SMS to your guests just after the login. Improve guest satisfaction while you simplify your life and business. Welcome Portal is 100% responsive to any device.

Promote services when guests log in to WiFi

The landing page becomes a flow of steps, a tool for turning anonymous visitors into engaged and loyal customers.

Any sector where customers are served on site, for business, leisure, education or entertainment reasons, you can offer personalised smart WiFi, display or push personalised messages to promote in-house services such as spa treatments, restaurant reservations and fitness classes.

Fast and smart WiFi is no longer an option, is becoming a necessity. Transform the WiFi into a business opportunity, defining the user journey for advertising and marketing purposes. The possibilities for enhanced customer service via smart WiFi are huge.

Guest WiFi Solutions