Location based marketing

Location based Ads to reach your target audience

Geodistance targeting is one of the most important elements you can use to target an ad campaign and a powerful tool to maximize your ad efficacy. The best way to direct messages: offering special discounts, promoting mid-summer sales, happy hours for those near an advertiser’s location and targeting specific locations such as restaurants, retail stores, museums, convention centres…

Display location-dependent different Ads, messages or video

Trigger off banners, messages and videos during the various stages of a route. Share information about places of interest, restaurants, museums, etc. encouraging customers to explore their surroundings. Retail stores with a physical location can benefit from attracting new customers.

GPS Tracking

Track the route of your mobile WiFi network and target your Ad campaigns. Track the location of your mobile WiFi networks, increasing opportunities: buses, coaches, trains, planes, boats, vessels and ships. Target your Ads based on GPS coordinates. Trigger banners, messages and videos, during the various stages of the route. Increase revenue by real-time ads and benefit from localized ads. Advertise places in the surroundings. Stimulate guests’ interest in restaurants, museums and shops.

Guest WiFi Solutions