Video, banner, and pop-up

Popping up amenities and promotions on guests’ devices

Pop-ups enable captivating guests with dramatic full-page videos and a range of formats including, videos, images and messages. You can set the splash page to open with a YouTube video that must be viewed by guests before they can continue. Optionally they can skip the video after a predefined time.

Pop-ups are displayed seamlessly on different devices, fully responsive and visible on all screen sizes.

Communicate with guests, deliver valuable content, increase loyalty and sales. Pop-ups are seamlessly integrated into the guest experience for optimal creative impact and results.

Engage the masses and monetise your WiFi

Advertise to millions of people and grow your business with advertising across devices, where people enjoy their WiFi connection.

Influence users while they are connecting to free sponsored WiFi.

Display your own and third-party ad campaigns as the demand for digital marketing is booming.

Ads run seamlessly across different devices, fully responsive and visible on all screen sizes. Captivate guests with dramatic full-page ads or videos and a range of ad formats, including Banners, Video clips, Pop-Ups

Grow your business with targeted ads on your Hotspots

A Core Audiences is an audience that means business. Define the right audience based on criteria such as age, gender, geography and more. With Wi5Stars, you are targeting a quality audience.

Reach everyone, or just a few. Consumers no longer respond to blanket messaging from brands; they expect a personalised experience at every single touchpoint.

Know your customers and get complete reports of clicks and impressions.

Facebook Pixel Add-on

Set up the Facebook pixel to automatically create a Custom Audience of people who visit your WiFi hotspots and take certain actions. With the pixel, you’ll be able to show people targeted ads for items and consequently monitor the conversions of the Facebook Ad campaigns.

Guest WiFi Solutions