Email and SMS notifications

Secure authentication with SMS and OTP

Guarantee full compliance with all data security regulations. Retain the true data of your guests thanks to secure authentication via SMS and comply with the obligation to retain their data.

Login credential notifications

SMS and Email notifications. Credentials (username and password) of access to the WiFi network are provided to the end-user by email or through an SMS.

Act on insights with MailChimp

Synchronize guests’ contacts and MailChimp, the popular email marketing software. Run email campaigns to all guests, or by segments, such as location, age, gender…. It’s easy to connect Wi5Stars Contacts + MailChimp and requires absolutely zero coding experience. Turn data into insights and insights into action.

For many marketers, managing customer relationships is a matter of collecting and interpreting data to better understand who customers are and how you can best market to them.

Now requesting the day and month of birth, you can reach out to your people on the days that are important to them and create a more personal connection.

Guest WiFi Solutions